Key Figures

In thousands of euros2018201720162015
Group equity451.630482.156405.194372.723
Intrinsic value (in-the-money) (1) (3)678.943733.927622.094564.464
Consolidated net profit (loss) (attributable to the Group)-16.46145.25131.43732.884
Market capitalisation at year-end635.380601.989515.667415.198
Consolidated net profit (loss) per share
(attributable to the Group) (EUR)
Basic (2)-9,7726,8918,6819,89
Diluted (2)-9,7726,8918,6819,89
Number of shares
In the money1.685.3581.685.4081.685.767(5)1.683.312
Fully diluted1.685.3581.685.4081.685.767(5)1.688.312
Intrinsic value per share at year-end (EUR)
In the money (3)402,85435,46369,03335,22
Fully diluted (3)402,85435,46369,03335,20
Gross dividend per share7,707,607,527,44
Average daily volume exchanged377467475819
Average daily capital (EUR) (3)147.279158.172131.115189.324
Price (EUR)

(1) Valuation methods for the calculation of the intrinsic value is explained in the french version of the 2018 annual report (page 38).
(2) See calculation and definitions in Note 25 of the french version of the 2018 annual report.
(3) See definitions of ‘in-the-money’ and ‘fully diluted’ in the french version of the 2018 annual report point 12.
(4) Including 2,495 treasury shares held by Compagnie du Bois Sauvage at 31 December 2016. Note 15 in the French version of the 2018 annual report.
(5) Excluding treasury shares.