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Report on activitiers - Q1 2012 11-05-2012

Report on activities first quarter 2012

Ø  On 10 May 2012, the intrinsic value (ex-dividend) amounted to EUR 291 compared to EUR 280 at 31 December 2011

The first quarter is traditionally of low activity, the dividends being mainly received during the second quarter. Consequently, the quarter is not very representative for the whole year.

In addition, since the beginning of 2012, the Company has

  • freed up an additional amount of USD 0.7 million in the Gotham City (New York) (further to that, the residual engagement is USD 0.4 million);
  • freed up an additional amount of USD 0.35 million in the Matingnon Technology II Fund (further to that, the residual engagement is USD 1 million);
  • reduced its holdings in Cofinimmo (sale of 70,000 shares) and in Solvay (sale of 45,000 shares).

In the context of authorization given by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 28 April 2010 for the buyback of its own shares, buyback of 2.275 own shares and cancellation of 6.654 own shares on 5 March 2012.
The number of shares in circulation is now 1,575,346. To date, Compagnie du Bois Sauvage no longer holds any of its own shares and has suspended its buyback programme.

On 10 May 2012, 98,650 surplus Recticel shares were sold on the stock exchange at an average price of EUR 4.9 per share, reducing the total holding in Recticel to 30.09%. 31,350 Recticel shares will be sold before September 2012 to bring the total holding under 30%.

Preferring to express itself before the deciding judge on the charges that are brought against it in the Fortis case, Compagnie du Bois Sauvage has decided to simply refer to justice before the investigation court on 10 May 2012, where any serious discussion on the merits of such charges is out of the question. The investigation court's ruling is to be expected shortly.

The results and/or trends of the principal holdings are in line with expectations.

Maintaining its confidence in the assets quality, the Board remains vigilant with respect to the market evolution and is prudent on the outlook over the short and medium term.

31 August 2012 (5.35 pm)                Publication of the half-yearly results 2012