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Cie du Bois Sauvage : Disclosure of significant shareholding as at July 14, 2015 20-07-2015

Regulated information
Disclosure of significant shareholding as at July 14, 2015

Pursuant to the Belgian Law of May 2, 2007 relating to the publication of major shareholdings in listed companies, Compagnie du Bois Sauvage s.a. has received from Entreprises et Chemins de Fer en Chine s.a.  a notification of the threshold of 45 % being crossed (active crossing of a threshold).

Guy Paquot controls Fingaren s.c.a. which controls Entreprises et Chemins de Fer en Chine s.a.
Together, they own 51,14 % of Compagnie du Bois Sauvage's voting rights.

This notification was also sent to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

The content of this notification is the following:

Situation as at July 14, 2015

Denominator : 1,680,962

Holders of voting rights # of voting rights on 23/03/2015 Variation +/- # of voting rights on 14/07/2015 % of voting rights
Guy Paquot 1,040 150 1,190 0.07%
Fingaren s.c.a. 97,002 4,827 101,829 6.06%
E.C.F.C. s.a. 716,569 40,109 756,678 45.01%
Total : 814,611 45,086 859,697 51.14%

These companies have their registered head office at 1000 Brussels, rue du Bois Sauvage 17.

Additional information
Rights to subscribe to voting securities not yet issued:

Holder Type of financial instrument Expiration
Number Potential voting rights
Guy Paquot stock option 2006-2016 30/04/2016 01 until 20/04 650 650
Guy Paquot stock option 2007-2017 30/04/2017 01 until 20/04 500 500
Guy Paquot stock option 2008-2018 30/04/2018 01 until 20/04 500 500

This press release has been translated into Dutch and English. In the event of divergence, the French version shall prevail.