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Complementary investment in Parfimmo 19-05-2006

Compagnie du Bois Sauvage and the Group Degroof increased their participation in the company Parfimmo, passing each from 33,33% to 50% following the repurchase of the participation held by Axa Belgium.
To recall, Parfimmo was created in November 2004 in order to take a participation of 3% in Umicore, to ensure the company a stable shareholding base and to support the development of the strategies set in place.
The portfolio of Parfimmo consists today of the 3% participation in Umicore, of a 1.2% participation in Cumerio and of a 2.3% participation in Cofinimmo (ordinary and privileged shares). The company has a capital of Eur 27.0 million and debts of Eur 44.2 million.
The purchase of the participation held by Axa Belgium represents an amount of Euro 13.3 million, bringing the total investment of Compagnie du Bois Sauvage in Parfimmo up to Eur 22.3 million.