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Investment in Resilux 14-11-2006

Resilux strengthens its financial means
Compagnie du Bois Sauvage supports the development of Resilux
Resilux wants to strengthen its financial structure so that the group is well equipped to address even better the opportunities in the market. The proposal is to:
1) Strengthen the capital by issuing new (ordinary) shares for an amount of EURO 4,5 million. This capital increase outside preferential right will be underwritten by companies that are controlled by the family De Cuyper. The price of the new shares will be the average stock exchange rate of the last 30 days preceding the issuance.
2) Issue a subordinated bond with warrants. In accordance with its strategy, Compagnie du Bois Sauvage will underwrite a subordinated bond with warrants, to be issued by Resilux NV, for an amount of EURO 7,5 million. This loan bearing an interest rate of 7 % will be accompanied by 166.665 warrants, exercisable at a price of EURO 45 per share. This should allow Compagnie du Bois Sauvage in the long run to become a shareholder of Resilux, with a participation of about 8%. As agreed with the management of Resilux, this participation is intended to support the further development of the group's strategy.  
The board of directors of Resilux NV has therefore decided to convene an extraordinary shareholders' meeting on December 19, 2006, proposing the shareholders to approve these two transactions.
The proposed strengthening of its financial means will provide Resilux with the financial resources to address the different opportunities that present themselves in the sector. These relate to investments in the development of technologically innovative products and to the further development of the different business units.
Resilux confirms the prospects published in its press release on the half-year results, namely that, save unforeseen circumstances, the results of 2006 will be significantly better than the results of 2005. 
Resilux NV specialises in the manufacture and sales of PET preforms and bottles.  These preforms and bottles are used for the packaging of water, soft drinks, oils, etc.  Resilux originally was a family business, and was established in 1994.  Since 3rd October 1997, Resilux has been quoted on Euronext Brussels.  Resilux has production units in Belgium, Spain, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, and in the U.S.A.