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Cie du Bois Sauvage: Real-estate investment in Portugal with BESIX RED

Compagnie du Bois Sauvage (CBS) increases its real-estate division investments collaborating in a new project with its partner BESIX RED, subsidiary of BESIX Group.

CBS and Besix RED will carry out a real-estate development called « Praça de Espanha » in Lisbon, in which CBS will invest EUR 12,5 million. This project follows an ongoing first collaboration between CBS and Besix RED in the residential development « Oxygen » in Auderghem, in which CBS invested an amount of EUR 7 million.

With « Praça de Espanha », CBS and Besix RED undertake the residential development of 280 apartments, conducted in two phases, on a site located in the ‘Avenidas Novas’ district, close to Embassies and the downtown area of the Portuguese capital.

For more information regarding the project and Besix RED, please refer to the Besix RED website (


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