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Report on activities Q1 2008 13-05-2008

Ø  At 12 May 2008, the intrinsic value (ex-dividend) amounted to EUR 438 compared to EUR 448 at 31 December 2007 (-2,2%)
Ø  Compagnie du Bois Sauvage is sustaining its forecasts for 2008, in other words an improvement in the operational result before disposals and variations in fair value
The Group Compagnie du Bois Sauvage has:
  •        refinanced its 2008 financial maturity dates by obtaining new bank credits for a total of EUR 125 million
  •        bought 215,000 Tessenderlo shares for a total sum of EUR 5.8 million and increased its participating interest to 443,500 shares
  •        taken its participating interest in Recticel to 28.4% following the purchase of 700,000 shares for a sum total of EUR 5.7 million
  •        acquired 10,000 Banque Degroof shares for a sum total of EUR 1.9 million
  •        increased its stake in Biobest by 10% (EUR 1.4 million) bringing it to 50%, the balance being held by Floridienne.
  •        sold its holding in the Fauchon Group for a total sum of EUR 10.3 million
  •        sold Surno LLC (American real estate partnership holding one of the Noël Group factories) for USD 2.5 million
  •        merged Rec-Hold with Parfina
    The results and/or trends of the principal holdings at 31 March 2008 are in line with expectations.
    The Board confirms that, unless the global economic climate deteriorates further, the operational result should increase in comparison with that of 2007 (excluding capital gain from disposals). The net profit outlook will to a large extent depend on stock market performance.
    29 August 2008 (17.35)           Publication of the half-yearly results
    7 November 2008                   Report on activities 3rd quarter 2008
    1st fortnight in March 2009      Annual results 2008