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Recent investments 20-01-2006

In addition to the public offer for Neuhaus (EUR 9 million in cash and EUR 9.4 million in capital increase), in which it now holds a 90.64% stake before the offer reopens from 23 January to 10 February 2006, Compagnie du Bois Sauvage recently made the following investments amounting to a total of EUR 19.2 million, of which EUR 11.5 million have already been paid up:
  • Subscription to capital increase of the Danish company SATAIR, listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange, and acquisition of a 4% holding (EUR 4.6 million). SATAIR is one of the world's leading distributors of spare parts for aircraft maintenance, and hardware for aircraft production. (www.satair.com)
  • Commitment of USD 10 million (EUR 8.3 million), of which USD 8 million (EUR 6.7 million) not yet paid up, through its American subsidiary in a new partnership, DSF CAPITAL III, in Boston (Massachusetts). This partnership invests in top-of-the-range residential property in the area between Boston and Washington DC. The administrators are the same as those who run the partnership in which the company invested a total of USD 2.5 million up to 2004.
  • Acquisition of 19% stake in Belgian company CHEMCOM for the sum of EUR 1.8 million. CHEMCOM is a subsidiary 24% owned by the Floridienne group. CHEMCOM should become an international reference in the world of chemical communication by helping companies to discover, select and refine interesting products in the field of taste and smell. The company offers its products and services to the world of food, cosmetics, agriculture and pharmacy. (www.chemcom.be)
  • Acquisition of 8.5% stake in Belgian company EUROSCREEN for the sum of EUR 1 million. EUROSCREEN is a biotechnology company focused on cell receptors. The company aims to identify and characterise new receptors as pharmacological targets for the discovery of drugs. (www.euroscreen.be)
  • Convertible loan worth EUR 2.5 million to the Belgian-based EUROPAL GROUP OF COMPANIES. Through its 3 subsidiaries (Packaging, Systems and Logistics), EUROPAL offers integrated and tailor-made solutions to all packaging requirements. Current payment of loan: 0.5 million. Potential equity stake at term: 15%. (www.europal-group.com)
  • Convertible loan worth EUR 1 million to the Belgian company EUROGARDEN. EUROGARDEN is specialised in garden maintenance machinery, but it also offers a wide range of parts. The loan will be used to fund a strategic acquisition in France. Potential equity stake at term: 9%. (www.eurogarden.be)